Ocean Zen Mood Lighting for Stress Relief

Zen Mood Lighting Ideas for Relaxation and Meditation

Zen Mood Lighting Ideas for Relaxation and Meditation

Zen Mood Lighting Ideas

An important part of a healthy lifestyle is taking the time to relax. While it can be difficult to find time for relaxation, or it may seem like a waste of time when your to-do lists never end, taking the time to relax is beneficial to your well being. It’s all too easy to reach high levels of stress that lead to burn out and physical health problems.

Benefits of Relaxation and Meditation

Relaxation has many healthy benefits, including a reduction of blood pressure and muscle tension, and an increase in blood flow. Relaxation is important for avoiding burn out. Regular relaxation helps improve sleep quality, the ability to focus, the body’s immune response, and reduces the frequency of headaches and pain. Relaxation helps build emotional stability, leading to a lower rate of anger and anxiety.

If you find it difficult to take the time for relaxation, try meditation. Meditation has many of the same benefits of unguided relaxation, including better clarity and concentration, reducing anxiety levels, and improving mood.

Meditation is a great stress reliever, and it’s a tool that can be learned at any age, whether you’re a busy college student or a retired grandparent. Meditation has even proven beneficial for children with behavior disorders. When stress levels go unchecked, it can lead to a range of health problems, including hypertension, digestion issues, and difficulty sleeping. Stress can lead one to pick up unhealthy habits such as smoking, overusing alcohol, binge eating, or eating too little. With time, high stress levels increase the risk of serious health conditions include heart disease, obesity and depression and can worsen diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and Alzheimer’s disease. While many of these conditions have other risks that can factor into their development, treating stress will help lessen your personal risk factor or help manage them.

Zen Mood Lighting Promotes Relaxation

Create a Zen Environment

In order to relax or meditate, it’s important to create a space for yourself that is stress free so that you are able to relax completely. Pick your favorite room in your home and make certain that there’s nothing that will be distracting or add to your stress levels. It’s helpful to tidy up before hand so you aren’t distracted by any clutter. Another thing that will help you relax is to create some zen mood lighting. Bright overhead lights can be harsh on the eyes and overstimulate the brain, making it more difficult to enter a state of relaxation. Instead, use soft lighting, such as a clam shell nightlight.

Zen Lighting Concepts

Clam shells are quite stunning when lit up from behind, giving you something to focus your gaze on that won’t be damaging or painful to the eyes. You can choose from a variety of colors, ranging from solid hues to striped beauties. Each shell has a lovely iridescence that draws the eyes and looks beautiful even when the light is turned off. Choose from polished pink, scalloped tigerina, striped purple, chocolate, and more.

Another nightlight that is great for creating zen lighting is the agate nightlight.  That agate nightlight is a great focus tool for meditation because of the way the light shines through the sliced stone. The stone filters the light through it’s rings of color, creating a lovely sight that is easy to focus on while your thoughts drift away until you can settle into a state of deep meditation. Even if you don’t like light-focused meditation, a nightlight will give a softer atmosphere that will make it much easier to relax in. Choose from a range of colors, including pink, purple, and a natural brown.

Even when you aren’t taking the time to sit down and relax or meditate, a stress free environment will lead to getting less stressed in the first place. Make your home an enjoyable place to be, a haven where you and your family can unwind after a busy day. If you work at a place where you are allowed to bring items from home, zen lighting can help to make the office less stressful as well. The more enjoyable you can make your environment, the more relaxed you will feel all day long. Check out the clam and agate nightlights today in Tim Lawson’s online collectable shop at 55-55 Marine Drive, and choose one that will create a stress free and relaxing environment for you.

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