Create an ocean paradise in your own home

Outdoor Decor Ideas that Bring the Ocean to You

Outdoor Decor Ideas that Bring the Ocean to You

The beach is a place for fun, laughter, and relaxation. I’ll help you liven up your home with these fun outdoor beach ideas. Even if you don’t have a great outdoor space, these ideas can give your home the feeling of the great outdoors without ever using any of your vacation days.

Backyard Beach Ideas

Turn your backyard into your own private beach. Before you start, keep in mind what activities you and your family want to use the space for when designing your new ultra-fabulous beachy backyard. The sky is truly the limit. It just depends on how spectacular you want to make your yard. If your motto is “to go big or go home”, consider creating your very own sand pit. This trend is growing quite popular because it’s fun. Feel the sand between your toes without having to even leave the house. Set up some wooden chairs or a hammock in your new beach spot, and spend sunny afternoons curled up with your favorite book. Add a fire pit and some outdoor lights and invite your friends over for s’mores on the beach. If you have the space and enjoy playing volleyball, hang up a net across your sand pit and go wild. If you live in a climate where tropical plants can grow, plant your favorites right into the flower beds. If you live in a colder area, consider using potted plants that can be moved indoors during winter. Just make sure you have a sturdy cover for your sand pit if your neighborhood has stray cats. As cute as kitties are, we don’t want them messing up your gorgeous backyard getaway.

Bedroom Decoration Ideas

If you don’t have an outdoor space, you can still make yourself a beachy space that feels like you by utilizing one of the rooms in your home. Go to bed in a peaceful beach resort every night by turning your bedroom into your own private beach. Choose a color scheme for the walls and furnishings that reminds you of the beach. Creams, beige, and blues are the usual favorites, but be creative, and choose what makes you feel good. Light wood furniture gives the most beachy feel, but again, choose what works best for you.

Shell Nightlights for Nurseries

It’s the little details that will truly make the room feel like you’re by a lake or ocean. Don’t be afraid to go bold. Hang up a map of your favorite lakes or ocean, pictures of the beach, and beach themed wall décor, such as miniature anchors, shells, and sea animals. A sand pit isn’t practical indoors, so instead, incorporate some sand by adding an hourglass or a zen garden. Display rocks and shells in a bowl or vase on your dresser or shelves. Give your bedroom more of an outdoor feel by incorporating tropical plants. Ferns or anything with fronds will give it more of a tropical feel. If you want more of a temperate beachy feel, pick whatever style of plants you prefer. Even cactus will lend more of a true outdoor feeling to your room. Add a water feature, like a desktop fountain or fish tank to really give you the experience of being near water. Add some candles around the room for more atmosphere. You can also choose from the adorable collection of sea shell lights available in our online store.

Nursery Decor Ideas

Nurseries are another great room to decorate with an outdoor beachy style. Blue is a soothing color, which makes it great as a wall color for bedrooms. Help your baby fall asleep more easily by painting in a color scheme that will soothe rather than energize. Since babies have a tendency to put anything that’s small enough to fit in their mouths, trade out the rock and shell décor for sea animal plushies. They’re adorable, and much safer to have around a toddler. Plants can also be problematic if they’re on the floor. To avoid the baby getting dirt all over the carpet, use hanging plants, or smaller plants that can be placed on a shelf out of reach. Incorporate lighting that will lend to the beachy feel, such as a conch shell nightlight. Buy one today from our online shop at 55-55 Marine Drive to complete your beachy room. Make the overhead light a mobile of sorts by hanging strings of shells and other beachy items from the ceiling around the light.

You can give your home an outdoor beach feel by incorporating some or all of these ideas into your own living space. Have fun, and get creative. Your home is your kingdom, so make it a place you enjoy and love coming home to. Make it your own personal paradise.

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