Agate Pink


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Our agate night lights are wonders of nature, beautiful to behold & come in 5 colours: Pink, Purple, Blue, Ruddy Brown, and Natural.  They use 7 watt bulbs, and are mounted on a swivel base which can be turned as desired to suit corner locations as well as straight wall places.  Each one is unique, and we’re happy to offer a great selection online which we update, as these wonders of nature find new homes.  The range of patterns and colours is truly astounding, and illumination at night adds a whole new look.
Here’s a brief explanation of how agates are formed:
As ancient molten lava cooled, pockets of trapped gasses escaped, leaving cavities which filled with fluids rich in molecules of silica and minerals. Over time, these molecules formed miniature fibrous micro-crystals, which“self-organized” into concentric bands and other amazing patterns. Agates are characterized by their fineness of grain and brightness of colour.


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