Beautiful abalone shells can be used for decorating your home

Beautiful Abalone Accents You Can Use Anywhere

Beautiful Abalone Accents You Can Use Anywhere

​Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of daily life, our home décor becomes cluttered or stale. Often, after moving into a new home, unpacking takes priority and décor doesn’t get added for months or even at all. Décor pieces are what truly brings a home to life, and makes it feel like a place that’s lived in, rather than a building that holds furniture. If you work in an office, you can make it feel more like your own by adding some decoration elements. Today’s décor trends favor clean, but eye-catching decoration that has a sense of the natural world to it. If you love the beach or ocean, consider adding some shell style, as seen on 55-55 Marine Drive, to give your décor a modern flavor that also reminds you of your favorite place to be.

Abalone Features

Abalone shells add a stunning accent to any home décor. Abalone are a shellfish, or sea snail, that are found all over the world. Abalone are a delicacy in many countries, but their shells are just as noteworthy as their meat. They have been used for generations as jewelry. Beautiful abalone come in a variety of colors, including the iridescent alabaster of the white pearl variety, and the oil slick rainbow of the paua species from New Zealand. Each variety, when polished, gleams and reflects a myriad of colors. Even unpolished abalone is stunning. Some varieties come with eye catching red stripes, while others are white with black or red accents. Whatever variety of beautiful abalone you choose, it will make a lovely accent piece in your home or office.

California Abalone Regulations

Unfortunately, because of the value of abalone as food and for their shells, the species has seen a decrease in numbers. To prevent further loss, California has placed restrictions on how many abalone can be taken during the fishing season, and they can only be fished during specific times to prevent over fishing and species decline. To be able to fish abalone, one must be a registered cardholder and tag every abalone they take. Only certain sized abalone are legal to fish. Instead of worrying about legality and fishing times, save yourself the hassle and buy a beautiful abalone nightlight to add some pizazz to your home.


Other Shell Décor Ideas

If you like the shape and colors of abalone, check out these mussel shell nightlights. They also have a gorgeous opalescent sheen, and some varieties come with contrasting dark stripes that really highlight the beauty of the lighter areas. Clam shells, when polished share the same ethereal shimmer as abalone and mussels, and also come in a diverse range of colors and patterns. Any one of the shell nightlights you can find in our online shop would make an impressive addition to your home décor. They’re particularly beautiful when lit up, and provide a unique way to add a shell accent. Because of the numerous colors these shells come in, they will fit in with any color pallet and decoration theme you have, whether you favor naturalistic earth tones, gentle pastels, or stark black and white.

Other ways you can incorporate beautiful abalone into your home décor include using larger shells as bowls. Display your favorite pieces of jewelry on your dresser or vanity table using an abalone shell to hold them so they don’t get scattered or lost. Use one as a bowl to hold your smaller shells or beach rocks. If you’re decorating a work space, use an abalone shell as a container to hold loose paperclips, push pins, and other office supplies. Not only will this be a lovely addition to your office space, but it will also serve a functional purpose. Turn an abalone shell into a unique planter by using it to hold an air plant. They don’t require soil, so they won’t cover up the beautiful surface of the shell. Even on its own, an abalone shell displayed on a shelf or table makes a beautiful piece of décor. Use one as a book end on your shelves, or a paper weight in your office. Abalone can be used in any room of the house, from the bathroom, to the kitchen, or even your outdoor patio. Whichever way to choose to incorporate abalone shells into your home, it is sure to add a lovely accent to your décor.

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